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12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer will be sent to Nigeria

12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Nigeria found the official website of Dangote on Google. Mozambican customers are very satisfied with the production details and product quality of the fence semi-trailers. So when a customer in Nigeria needed a 12.5m fence cargo trailer, he immediately contacted Dangote and us and sent out an inquiry.

The customer mainly transports bulk goods locally, so our sales manager recommended the customer to buy this 12.5m fence cargo trailer. The 12.5m fence cargo trailer is easy to load and unload, and has strong carrying capacity.

The 12.5m fence cargo trailer adopts a warehouse fence pole, three axles, and a dual tire structure. The overall frame is made of high-quality high-strength steel, emphasizing the combination of light weight and strong load-bearing strength;

12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

The 12.5m fence cargo trailer is equipped with a new air suspension system, which has high strength and strong impact resistance, which can alleviate most of the impact from the road and reduce bumps;

The 12.5m fence cargo trailer for sale has undergone standardized design processes such as finite element analysis, scientific calibration, and reasonable axle load distribution to ensure that the product has a reasonable structure.

First of all, users should choose the appropriate fence cargo semi-trailer model according to their own transportation conditions: whether it is general cargo transportation or bulk coal transportation, whether it is high-speed standard load or special road condition heavy load, whether it is necessary to use a forklift, how to open the door, and choose Gooseneck type or flat beam type, etc.

After choosing a suitable 12.5m fence cargo trailer, you should pay attention to the product quality of different trailer products when purchasing. We can provide you with the most cost-effective transport fence cargo semi-trailers to meet your different loading needs.

12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

As a kind of transportation equipment, the 12.5m fence cargo trailer has relatively many requirements for the "anti-collapse" design of the vehicle body and the "anti-expansion compartment" design. During the design stage of the fenced cargo semi-trailer, professional designers will conduct finite element analysis and even conduct destructive dynamic tests after the design is completed. Moreover, the 12.5m fence cargo trailer has continuously made many improvements and innovative designs in humane design in recent years.

Good materials and good design also require good production technology to ensure. In addition to the steel cutting process, 12.5m fence cargo trailer also attaches great importance to the welding process and paint coating process of the fence semi-trailer.

The welding process is an important process that affects the load-bearing performance in the production of 12.5m fence cargo trailer. Compared with manual welding, the fence cargo semi-trailer is welded by machine, and the product quality is more stable. There will be no quality errors due to the welder's mood and status, and the quality consistency will be stronger. higher efficiency.

Efficiency is time, and time is money. At present, submerged arc automatic welding is mostly used to transport 12.5m fence cargo trailer beams and other beams. The welding is uniform, the welding penetration is good, the weld surface has no pores and inclusions, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale In Nigeria