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As a professional truck trailer manufacturer in China, Dangote is a research and innovation enterprise integrating R&D, and production. Dangote is one of the important dealers of SINOTRUK. 

Main Products

Dangote New Trucks Tractor
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Howo Tipper Truck Price Trailer
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Foton Auman GTL Truck Tractor Trailer
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Howo 430 Tractor Truck Trailer
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Howo 371 Dump Truck Trailer
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Howo A7 371 Tipper Truck Trailer
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Howo 371 Truck Tractor Trailer
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Dump Truck Howo 371 Price Trailer
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New Products

40 ft Flatbed Trailer
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Dangote 80 Ton Low Bed Trailer
Dangote truck price 80 ton low bed trailer for sale use high-strength steel material to ensure capacity, the low bed trailer, low bed trailer for sale, low bed truck price, low bed truck load can be up to 100 to 120 ton payload.
60 Ton Triaxle with Boards Trailer
Dangote trailer price is a producer in china for triaxle with board trailer , sidewall trailer , sidewall semi trailer for sale , drop side trailer , sidewall cargo semi trailer , grain trailer , grain trailers for sale
2 Axle 40 Ft Container Chassis Trailer
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120 Ton Detachable Lowboys Neck Trailer
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Tri Axle Grain Transport Trailer
Dangote tri axle grain transport trailer can be customized according to customer needs. Different options: 2 axles sideboard trailer, 3 axles drop side trailer, 4 axles. 30T, 40T, 50T, 60T side board trailer. Airbag suspension, Mechanical suspension.
Dangote Fuel Tanker Trailer
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30m3 Cement Tanker Trailer
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Dangote Cases

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12.5m Fence Cargo Trailer will be sent to Nigeria
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